Anita Gregersen


Stefan Morrow

Ħal Safi

Passionate about food and cooking and meeting great people

Chef Kyle Brian Dudley


Trained/Private Chef & Entrepreneur

Sergey Boyarun


I enjoy cooking

Maja Bay


Laura C.


I'm an American living in Spain for more than four years. I love cooking and sharing my culture through food! Soy americana viviendo en España desde hace cuatro años. Me encanta cocinar y compartir my cultura tras platos típicos!

Anna D


Welcome to Madrid, a city that can delight you with its most incredible and varied cuisine. We are Anna and Nacho, a couple of foodies in the city! We were born in Barcelona and 5 years ago we packed our suitcases and started exploring other countries and its gastronomy. We have lived in Holland, Edinburgh, London and now we are enjoying Madrid. We love travelling and meeting new people. Three years ago we started hosting foodie experiences because we love to open up our kitchen and share with you the secrets of Madrid. Anna is an engineer with an artistic background, Nacho works in human resources and our passion is cooking following our grandmother recipes to offer you an epic culinary experience of abundance, joy, and delight.

Veronica Hernandez


Food designer and Masterchef Deutschland contestant 2017

Valia+George Krontiras


We are George and Valia, a passionate team of Athenian citizens and we welcome you to our amazing city! Both of us architects, we have studied Greek Architecture, Arts and History for a long time and we adore to share our knowledge and experience with our visitors and propose them exceptional ideas for a memorable staying in Athens-Greece. We have plenty of recipes to share with you but we really love 5-6 of them for a unique meal, dinner or even a picnic! We'll be glad to cook for you and your company in our place or yours so, trust us and will offer you a cosy, fun and healthy delicious experience!

Katrine Hirshals


Bosiddende i København. Blogger om slices, kager og lækre sager. Læs mere på og bliv fristet af sukker, chokolade og andre lækkerier:)

Nicolas Duvivier


I like to cook, I love pirates stories and I enjoy company of smart people.

Manuel Nery


Born and raised in Lisbon, I love my city and my country, and love to share stories and our culture. I run a boutique consultancy company specialized in European funding for innovative start-ups and have traveled extensively in Europe.

Sara Verde


My name is Sara and one of my favourite hobbies is to have friends over at my House. I've been a professional photographer for 15 years, but i decided to pursue my passion for cooking,studying at the "Escola de Hotelaria e Turismo do Porto". Nowadays, I divide my time between photography and cooking, trying to travel whenever I can; searching for new cultures, imagens and tastes.

Tina Kollmann


Hi, mein Name ist Tina, ich bin 30 Jahe alt und Doktorandin in Chemie. Ich liebe es für meine Freunde zu kochen und habe es bei MasterChef in die Top 10 geschafft. Alle meine Rezepte findet ihr auf meinem Blog LECKER&Co:

berkis michail


Beat Diggelmann


Stine Mari / Ginger with Spice


My name is Stine Mari and I am the ginger with a touch of spice, and I love ginger and spicy food. is my newly established food blog where you will see a vast variety of savory dishes and yummy desserts.

Priyanka Sahu


Stéphanie Laugier-Devel


I am originally french but worked abroad for the last ten years. I leant to cook everywhere I went and I love cooking for my family and friends. I like to socialize and share experiences with others!

Sharnti Chelliah

Rachel Burn


Christian Gregersen


Indra Riebeek


Mariana Kavroulaki


I am an experimental archaeologist-food historian, researcher, and food- blogger. In 2000 I founded the 'Greek Culinary History & Cooking Adventures' to create interactive, edible experiences that bring Greek historic gastronomy to life . My work takes many forms, including history -themed dinners, historical cooking courses, lectures, edible installations, and food walking tours. I am the author of a Gourmand award-winning cookbook, The Language of Taste, which is a dictionary (in Gr.) of the history and culture of Greek food and the founder and organizer of the biennial Symposia of Greek Gastronomy (conference). You can also find me at and

Thea Bøwadt


Shiran Weitzman


Sara Shaul

Hi! I'm Sara, food blogger at Originally from Los Angeles, currently residing in Tel Aviv. My food style is a fusion between my Persian, LA and Israeli cultures. Oh, and, everything I make is spicy =P

Theodosia Migkou


My Jinni's wish is to manage to taste all kind of food combinations. Being a part of TastePlease allows me to achieve my wish and at once share it with others. As I Greek being grown up in nature I love feta and natural ingredients.

Jacqueline Greiss

Sami Sassi


Vinicius Pereira


Hello, my name is Vinicius, I'm Brazilian and I have graduated in Marketing and I love food and the power of it to gather people together. I hope all the world can join us in this amazing adventure! I hope to see you soon :)

Kasper Mejlgaard


Michael Thyrring


Update soon. :)

Tiara Birgitta

Hi! I'm Birgitta Tiara and you can call me Tiara. I'm 21 yo.

Javier Soler


Chef Javier Soler returns to Copenhagen from Dubai, where he spent two years working as Food & Beverage Manager for Jumeirah and, most recently, at the celebrated Il Bussola at the Westin Marina. Having returned to Copenhagen, he is now operating as F&B Manager at the Radisson SAS.

Janelle M


Hi! I'm Janelle. I've been obsessed with scrolling through pinterest and trying out all the yummy-looking recipes so I thought it would be a fun project to start blogging about my adventures in the kitchen. I've learned that cooking doesn't have to be intimidating and ANYONE can create a delicious meal!

Signe Erritzøe

Martin Kaufmann

Kongens Lyngby

Jochem Sneep


I'm an real food fanatic, especially about asian kitchen and burgers! I love to travel and experience all kinds of culinary cultures in the world. I am an asociate in a Hospitality Agency that trains students to work in kitchens throughout Europe.

Cassandra Appleman

West Palm Beach

A former Pastry Chef and a passionate food blogger. I love all things food. Cooking is very creative, spontaneous and baking is therapeutic. Let me share with you culinary tricks & short cuts to create amazing tasty food. I blog - for the love of food! I live in sunny So. Florida.

Kat Paterson


Life has been a wild adventure between tropical jungles.. living a dream in paradise.. and edging in the fashion, music and food scenes in London and Berlin.. Now back to my roots in Australia

Nathalie Bassanesi


Lian Yang


Filmproducer, Foodie and Entrepreneur. For business or pleasure these are my signature Dishes: Italien Bacon/Mushrooms Risotto. French Moules Frites. Portuguese Pastel de Nata. Korean Bulgogi.

Sebine von Pagels


I enjoy the simple things in life - food, wine & meeting new people.

Mad & Delicacy Italian recipes


We are Francesca & Marinella, two Italian friends who met outside Italy, now living in Copenhagen and Zurich, but still cooking “together” the recipes of our Cucina Italiana, suitable for everyone, anywhere in the world.

TastePlease Social Dining


Driven by a shared passion for food, the team behind TastePlease caters to food lovers across the globe. It doesn’t matter if you are a carnivore, vegan, or fruitarian – there is a place for everyone on TastePlease.