Alexandros Pandis

Alexandros Pandis



Sissy Alonistiotou


I love Journalism I don't do journalism when I cook usually (there are some exceptions though) and never the opposite.

Lucía de

Thodoris Tzagarakis


I am a social and passionate person who just loves Cretan food and mediterranean diet! I also love to meet new people from around the world , making new friends and travel with them.



Panteleimon Raptis

Νέα Ιωνία

I am a person that loves the process of cooking for other people. ''Cooking for me is a matter of memories.'' Memories of your family and the places you have visited. Those memories reveal in my food creations and hospitality.

Evan Laios


Hello, i'm Evan, 39 years old, a practicing psychotherapist & an amateur photographer. Some of my other interests are reading, music, photography, world cinema, theatre, drinking, cooking and eating, cycling, boxing. I also have a great interest in architecture, design, urban exploration, abandoned spaces, decadent corners of cities that normally you wouldn't go to....



i love to cook !!

Marigo ArtJewelry

Pavlos Sfikakis


Food Science and nutrition student with a big love for cooking! Currently, working as a private chef planning my own events!

Chris Tsirdimos


Aggelos Pasalaris


Music man, Beer lover and Professional Cook, sharing passion and creativity through comfort food, concentrating on Seafood, Mediterranean & American cuisine. Instagram : FB :

Stefanos Tsakirakis

Βασίλης Πάτσιας

Food lover , love to cook for my friends



I am 44 years old and I have 2 sons.I am doing cooking classes and love cooking!

Theofilos Kallitsas


I just love food and good company! That’s it!!!

Haris Satyridis


My wife and I have been professionaly occupied in the food industry since many years and we are owners of a delicatessen store. We also have a long experience in food and wine pairing with selected wines from all over Greece. It all started from a food store opened from my grandparents in Athens back in the 1930's and from my grandmother who had a charisma in cooking and which was passed on to me. Cooking is our hobby and passion and we have, therefore, opened our home to our guests to enjoy our food and wine. With friendly regards, Harry & Julie

Sophie Tol


Krysti Karatza


love cooking for family and friends too. I think food is a way to connect people!

Efrossyni Tsakiri


Hi! I am Efrossyni, architect, and my twin hobby is to collect + cook wild mushrooms! My cuisine specializes in gourmet mushroom dishes. I also like to experiment with Greek traditional cooking. My dishes are well decorated. See Exteme Cooking on FB



Aggeliki P



Katerina Papandreou


I am a private cook.My passion is to make people happy using all my skills in communication, creating a hospitable space and offering food cooked with love. My favorite cuisine is thai, indian, vegetarian and greek with a modern twist.

Arhs Angelos

Hope Pal

Effie Chatziphilippou

Positive, book (sniffer and all ) lover, Love to cook for friends, \m/ , curious mind, not a big fun of exercise but working on it, Wine lover

Valia+George Krontiras


We are George and Valia, a passionate team of Athenian citizens and we welcome you to our amazing city! Both of us architects, we have studied Greek Architecture, Arts and History for a long time and we adore to share our knowledge and experience with our visitors and propose them exceptional ideas for a memorable staying in Athens-Greece. We have plenty of recipes to share with you but we really love 5-6 of them for a unique meal, dinner or even a picnic! We'll be glad to cook for you and your company in our place or yours so, trust us and will offer you a cosy, fun and healthy delicious experience!

Theodosia Migkou


My Jinni's wish is to manage to taste all kind of food combinations. Being a part of TastePlease allows me to achieve my wish and at once share it with others. As I Greek being grown up in nature I love feta and natural ingredients.

Georg Broich

Egle Mockeviciute


I love to try new foods and create new recipes but I will always have a soft spot for avocado toast finished with a squeeze of lemon.

Jack Sheh


Soup master

Frank Lantz


Founder / CEO TastePlease As a chef, I have always had a passion for food. Now, I want to share this passion with you through TastePlease - a brand new social platform that allows food lovers across the globe to come together both online and offline.

Taste Team CPH


Get a look behind the scenes at TastePlease, and follow our team members' very own adventures in the kitchen – or join us in person for special events in our Copenhagen office!

TastePlease Social Dining


Driven by a shared passion for food, the team behind TastePlease caters to food lovers across the globe. It doesn’t matter if you are a carnivore, vegan, or fruitarian – there is a place for everyone on TastePlease.