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Sound of Flavor - Hibachi Style Vegetables

When thinking of that wonderful sound of food sizzling on the grill, you may only be imagining a burger or steak.  More than meat can sizzle on the grill! These Hibachi-style vegetables of mushrooms, broccoli, zucchini and yellow squash, are sizzling on my flat top griddle and simmer even more when soy is added.  The aroma wafting from these wonderful hibachi-style vegetables was as incredible as the sound is to the ears!

Watch now at https://youtu.be/ECAGcLutRPg

Burst Tomato Sauce

A ripe cherry tomato is sweeter and higher in pectin than bigger tomatoes. This means that cherry tomatoes are ideal for creating flavorful, intense sauce in less time than larger tomatoes.  In this video, I use cherry tomatoes to make a Burst Tomato Sauce that only takes 15 minutes but still has a great dept of flavor.  The hot olive oil causes the cherry tomatoes to burst open producing a silky sauce.  This sauce combines with the garlic perfume to create an aroma that will fill your kitchen before mixing with pasta to fill your belly.


Watch now at https://youtu.be/Cuy17Kag9a4

Sound of flavor - Breakfast

The sound of flavor – a breakfast of white potato hash browns, sweet potato hash browns, sausage patties and scrambled eggs sizzling on a flat top griddle.  This video makes me hungry every time that I watch it! Watch now and see if you get hungry too. Watch now at https://youtu.be/JFuOYKqf_40

Simple Baked Asparagus

Asparagus is one of the most nutritionally complete vegetables and is also incredibly flavorful! When trying to find a simple to make side that pairs with nearly any Italian main dish, asparagus is often the best choice. In this video I show how to make an incredibly easy to make Bakes Asparagus.  This asparagus side dish takes a few minutes to prepare and then bakes for a very short time in the oven.

Watch now at https://youtu.be/44lj5Kiabvc

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