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What is a Graticola

A Graticola is a pan designed to quickly preparing delicious and crispy bread on a gas stove. This thin pan diffuses heat evenly to quickly heat and toast slices of bread, to crisp bread for bruschetta, to crisp slices of polenta, to roast peppers, and more.   Learn about a Graticola in this video from POV Italian Cooking.  

Watch now at https://youtu.be/_KBegKIJd4g

Tasting Beer Bread with Grandkids

This is a tasting from the end of my Italian Beer Bread episode where I have two of my grandchildren tasting the bread with me.  This is my favorite tasting!  I've never laughed more than this beer Bread taste test with my grandchildren, Brandon and Vanessa.  Watch now at https://youtu.be/ljD9mPoR9-s

Chicken Picatta

A simple pan sauce made with capers, butter, white wine, chicken stock and lemon juice envelop chicken cutlets in the traditional Chicken Piccata recipe made in episode 101 of POV Italian Cooking.  Though Chicken Piccata is an impressive dish, it can be made in about 20 minutes, making it the perfect weeknight dish.  The combination of the chicken and tangy pan sauce have become a very popular Italian-American classic.

Watch now to see my recipe for Chicken Piccata https://youtu.be/msvMUf5Cl2Y

Burgers & Griddle Corn - Sound of Flavor

Burgers sizzling on the grill is the definitive sound of summer in America. Hamburgers with 80 lean meat and 20 fat, that are featured in this video, makes juicier, more flavorful Burgers. A heavy coating of course kosher salt, pepper and other seasonings make for an unbelievable salt-crusted sear. A side of griddle roasted corn seasoned with garlic powder and unsalted butter provides the perfect burger companion.

Watch now at https://youtu.be/Ovon9ARZKco

Pork Belly - Sound of Flavor

If bacon were a butterfly, then pork belly would be the caterpillar.  Rubbed with a mix of spices before spending the night in the refrigerator so the flavors permeate the meat. Warmed to room temperature then baked at 350 degrees for 90 minutes. The sound of this sizzling pork belly will make you HUNGRY!

Watch now at https://youtu.be/inMS2DM1htg

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