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Sound of Flavor - Chicken with Marsala Marinade and Vegetables

I love the sound of Chicken that had been marinated in marsala and honey sizzling on my Blackstone griddle with some mushrooms and onions!  That beautiful sizzling sound can only be matched by the outstanding aroma drifting in the breeze.  

Watch now at https://youtu.be/_5WPkPmjvGM


If you love limoncello then you may want to give Orangecello a try! In this short video I share how to modify the Limoncello that I made in episode 91 of POV Italian Cooking to make Orangecello.  

Watch now at https://youtu.be/scqWBvaoMcs

Chicken Liver Pate

Pâté sounds intimidating to make but this Chicken Liver Pâté recipe is simple and inexpensive yet has a magnificent flavor.  This recipe combines the flavors of chicken livers, onions, garlic, white wine and capers into a creamy, smooth and decadent topping for toasted bread or crackers.   See how I make Chicken Liver Pâté in episode 103 of POV Italian Cooking   

Watch now at  https://youtu.be/fanUjPrjzrk

Roasted Red Pepper Focaccia

The Roasted Red Pepper Semolina Focaccia recipe in the latest video from POV Italian Cooking is packed full of flavor but still an easy bread to make at home. This Italian flatbread will be your favorite after just one bite!

Watch now at https://youtu.be/V3ZAVZjkvpo

Tequila-Lime Marinated Angus Sirloin - Sound of Flavor

Sizzling extra thick angus sirloin steaks infused with flavor from a tequila, lime, cilantro and garlic marinade.  These thick, meaty steaks are sizzling on a flat top griddle with shredded potatoes simmering in ghee butter on one side and tequila lime marinated mushrooms on the other.

Watch the latest Sound of Flavor video from POV Italian Cooking at https://youtu.be/PgMEr9mbiy4

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