Mad & Delicacy Italian recipes

Mad & Delicacy Italian recipes


Sergey Boyarun


I enjoy cooking

Marianne Gavriilidou


Katie Chen


Maulik Bhatt

Theodosia Migkou


My Jinni's wish is to manage to taste all kind of food combinations. Being a part of TastePlease allows me to achieve my wish and at once share it with others. As I Greek being grown up in nature I love feta and natural ingredients.

Garden in the Kitchen Silvia


Food blogger and passionate gardener cooking healthy and easy meals for the whole family!

Vinicius Pereira


Hello, my name is Vinicius, I'm Brazilian and I have graduated in Marketing and I love food and the power of it to gather people together. I hope all the world can join us in this amazing adventure! I hope to see you soon :)

Karolina Kaczor


Food blogger

Giuseppe Lippolis


Food is much more than something that fills your stomach. For me it is a connection to your memories, a bridge to other cultures, an explosion of your senses. It is sheer happiness.

Stefanie Langhans


Hello TastePlease Community! My name is Steffi and I'm a foodie, who loves to cook and have cozy feasts. I'm German by nationality, in love with Italian food (lasagne is my all-time favorite) and open-minded for all Nordic (Vegetarian) food experiments :) looking forward to meeting and sharing food with you!

Martin Wenkens


Hi everyone, my name is Martin from Copenhagen, although I have a business background, I also have a great desire to cook. For me it is a great way to relax after work, Ok i did attend culinary school after high school and sailed around the world on a tall ship as a chef student, I love making new recipes from places I visit and I am looking forward hosting you or joining one of the many events posted on tasteplease :-)

Jakob & Martin Matboue & Sommer


We are two happy food lovers from copenhagen who wish to share our passion for food, drinks and party.

Lotte Bak


Passionate food lover - especially if it comes with a tough of authenticity and a good story. I'm not sure whether it is the social or the food part of this concept that excites me the most - but the fact is that is a brilliant idea. Looking forward to meeting other social foodies.

Muhammad Awais


Entrepreneur in Pakistan. My expertise is in Strategy, Networking, International Trade and Customer Support. I am a foodie and I am a good observer with strong conceptual skills and persistent mentality! My Facebook ID Is

Anna Burdenski


The Joy of Food - Good Food always brings people together - Let's meet, eat and enjoy!

Morgan Thomas


Creative Producer from Wales / Western Australia living in Copenhagen, Denmark, enjoying great food and meeting new characters.

Egle Mockeviciute


I love to try new foods and create new recipes but I will always have a soft spot for avocado toast finished with a squeeze of lemon.

Pia Sørensen


I can best describe myself as a Copenhagen based food lover with a strong sense of wanderlust. As a part of the TastePlease team, I am lucky to have food play a key role in my professional life, and when I'm off the clock, I'm happy to share my personal food universe with all of you in here.

Frank Lantz


Founder / CEO TastePlease As a chef, I have always had a passion for food. Now, I want to share this passion with you through TastePlease - a brand new social platform that allows food lovers across the globe to come together both online and offline.

Taste Team CPH


Get a look behind the scenes at TastePlease, and follow our team members' very own adventures in the kitchen – or join us in person for special events in our Copenhagen office!

TastePlease Social Dining


Driven by a shared passion for food, the team behind TastePlease caters to food lovers across the globe. It doesn’t matter if you are a carnivore, vegan, or fruitarian – there is a place for everyone on TastePlease.