Taste Team CPH

A Taste of Christmas

DKK 40
  • Danmark, København
  • 4 /30
  • Dec 19th, 16:00

Authentic Brazilian Dinner

DKK 99
  • Dinamarca, København
  • 6 /6
  • Dec 15th, 19:00

Burgers, Beer’n Gateau in the ❤ of Copenhagen

DKK 150
  • Dinamarca, København
  • 9 /9
  • Dec 14th, 18:50

After hours in the office

Last week, we organized a tapas night in the office, and we couldn’t have been happier with the turnout! A total of 30 friendly guests joined us as we turned the usual working space into a cozy dinner setting – and all of a sudden, a regular Wednesday night got a lot more fun.

Of course it helped to have our very own star chef in the kitchen, as Frank made sure nobody left with an empty stomach. What really made the event special, however, was all the great conversations and the interesting people we got to meet, so a big thanks to all of you for coming!

Hopefully, we will soon have the chance to welcome even more guests to our events – this was definitely not our last time hosting as a team. In the meantime, we are happy to take on the role of guests as well.

So if you have an idea for a cozy dinner, a social lunch or an innovative menu, don’t hesitate to invite us and the rest of the TastePlease community!

Plant Jamming with Lisa Spykers

DKK 95
  • Danmark, København
  • 12 /12
  • Nov 27th, 18:30
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