Ilannguaq Olsen

I love food from different places and especially around the world, would love to try every part of the world, every national dish would be amazing.

William Bellia


Hi There!

Alexandros Pandis


Professional chef and pastry chef, trained in Michelin star restaurants, offering an unforgettable experience, serving Greek cuisine in a gourmet and modern way. Find us: Instagram: @dining2perfection Facebook: /dining2perfection

Morten Bech


Morten Køster har ejet No 1 Domus Portus siden 2002. Domus Portus var i sin tid en udstikker af restaurant No 1 Aarhusgade, som Morten har haft siden 2000, og er i dag selskabslokale, madhus, køkkentempel og legeplads for nye idéer og håndværk.

Zoi Kokkinaki


Hey guys! My name is Zoi and I come from Greece. I like to cook and many of my friends and family say that I cook really good. I grew up in a family where the father was the chef and the mother the tester :)

Chef Kyle Brian Dudley


Trained/Private Chef & Entrepreneur

Naturkok Sander Blohm

Kogekunst i det fri, med fokus på velsmag. Gastronomiske oplevelser for personer, grupper og firmaer, der ønsker en fælles oplevelse i naturen.

Ivone Pereira

Heidi L


I'm a foodie and enjoy food and vino in the company of nice people

Michael Dassa


Anthropologist who loves food

Effie Chatziphilippou

Positive, book (sniffer and all ) lover, Love to cook for friends, \m/ , curious mind, not a big fun of exercise but working on it, Wine lover

Agustin Santos

晓 叶

Nicolas Duvivier


I like to cook, I love pirates stories and I enjoy company of smart people.

Alex Martin

Yi-Ting Sun



Paula Langenohl


Hi, I am a German Marketer who is living, working and enjoying good food in Copenhagen ;)

Hot Pot Republic


Hot Pot Republic is the first hot pot restaurant in Copenhagen. We are thrilled to bring the exceptional social dining experience to you.

Tina Kollmann


Hi, mein Name ist Tina, ich bin 30 Jahe alt und Doktorandin in Chemie. Ich liebe es für meine Freunde zu kochen und habe es bei MasterChef in die Top 10 geschafft. Alle meine Rezepte findet ihr auf meinem Blog LECKER&Co:

Yuhsuan Cheng


Andrea Kis


I'm Hungarian, like to eat delicious food and drink some tasty wine. :)

Stine Mari / Ginger with Spice


My name is Stine Mari and I am the ginger with a touch of spice, and I love ginger and spicy food. is my newly established food blog where you will see a vast variety of savory dishes and yummy desserts.

Oumaima DRIDI


Monica Annese


I'm an Italian girl of 24 and I'm living an experience as au pair in Copenhagen. I like good food from all over the world in particular try new taste.

Giovanni Cafaggi


Gaby Francisco


Marcellino Rodrigues


Elena Lazaridi


Lora Nielsen



Jasper de Mooij


Theodosia Migkou


My Jinni's wish is to manage to taste all kind of food combinations. Being a part of TastePlease allows me to achieve my wish and at once share it with others. As I Greek being grown up in nature I love feta and natural ingredients.

Jacob Shaw


Musician who travels the world for work. I'm a passionate food and fine wine lover, whose biggest hobby is cooking! Owner of Fortissimo, merging Fine Dining with Fine Music...

Vinicius Pereira


Hello, my name is Vinicius, I'm Brazilian and I have graduated in Marketing and I love food and the power of it to gather people together. I hope all the world can join us in this amazing adventure! I hope to see you soon :)

Khan Tom

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Dalia Skardziute


Marketer, social activist, studying masters in Brand and Communication Management at Copenhagen Business School.

Martin Wenkens


Hi everyone, my name is Martin from Copenhagen, although I have a business background, I also have a great desire to cook. For me it is a great way to relax after work, Ok i did attend culinary school after high school and sailed around the world on a tall ship as a chef student, I love making new recipes from places I visit and I am looking forward hosting you or joining one of the many events posted on tasteplease :-)

Noel Roche


I’m a pro chef. I’ve worked in the hospitality industry for a total of 18 years as a cook and a chef. I moved to Athens from the UK in October 2016. After working here as an executive/consultant chef, I’m now concentrating on creating pop up events.

Lars Ørgaard Hansen


Født i 1958. Er sammen med Marianne, og har været det siden 1981. Arbejder som controller hos Tulip i Foodservice afd.

Camilla Kinch

Philip Broich


Hey! I'm Philip, an 18-year old from Germany working for TastePlease. My family has been working with food since 1734, and this is my way of keeping that wonderful tradition alive.

Igors Savin



Aleksandr Vasilevkis


it's me

Дмитрий Валак



Frank Lantz


Founder / CEO TastePlease As a chef, I have always had a passion for food. Now, I want to share this passion with you through TastePlease - a brand new social platform that allows food lovers across the globe to come together both online and offline.

TastePlease Social Dining


Driven by a shared passion for food, the team behind TastePlease caters to food lovers across the globe. It doesn’t matter if you are a carnivore, vegan, or fruitarian – there is a place for everyone on TastePlease.