Premium sustainable fish by local fishermen - Bite18 with Juha Pahtamaa

This company really caught our attention with their delicious fish! Hätälä is a family owned company that sustainably produces fair northern fish close to the Arctic Circle in Finland. 

“The story of our company began in 1938 when my grandfather, Juho Isohätälä, started selling fish on the market square in the port city of Oulu, Finland. Hätälä is still a true family business and we are proud to uphold traditional family business values. We aim to serve our customers at least as well as when the fish was sold one at a time and face to face at the market.”

With 80 years of experience Hätälä combines traditional handcraft with modern technology to create premium fish products. 

“Our Finnish fish we buy from professional Finnish fishermen. They are our valued partners and we have worked with a number of them for three generations. We make a great deal out of supporting local fishermen, for instance by offering long-term contracts and assisting with transportation.” 

Besides helping out local fishermen. Hätälä’s fish is carefully controlled. They have been awarded the highest rating from BRC which is a international certification that informs the customer about high quality and the safety of the seafood. Hätälä is part of a selected group of only 140 European food companies that have achieved a special AA rating. The company is also certified by the sustainable seafood MSC’s global standard for sustainability and certified by ASC for farming responsibility. 

Hätälä’s fish comes from the world’s purest arctic waters. The salmon we use is always super fresh! It takes just 8-12 hours for the salmon to get from Norway to Finland. 

Hätälä’s premium fish products are wrapped in beautiful high-quality packages. 

“Our wide product range includes whole fish, fillets, and fish delicacies from farmed Norwegian salmon, wild Finnish fish, and farmed Scandinavian rainbow trout.”

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