Award winning gin concept Nordic Gin House with Jakob Vallentin

Nordic Gin House is distilling four kinds of gin and they all have traits and unique flavors from the four scandinavian countries. Each product has It’s own characteristics from their region as you can see it on the content of each gin.

Oslo Gin from Norway contains of juniper, birch leaves, coriander, elderflower and angelica root.

Arctic Blue Gin from Finland contains aromas of blueberries, premium tonic.

København Klassisk Gin from Denmark contains one of the highest level of juniper berries, spruce, citrus and licorice roots in a unique combination.

Berslagens Organic Gin from Sweden contains the lingonberries, juniper, coriander seeds and lemon peel with herbal citrus aroma.

The concept is to create a unique distillery with different background and authenticity but all with the same ambition to make a quality gin, each product has it’s distinction and sense of national taste.

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