Tasty cocktail-lollipops for adults JollyFox with Rikke Fellov

JollyFox produces interesting cocktail-lollipops and they want a new sight of the popular candy for adults and foodies, they are 100 percent vegan.

The handcrafted vegan lollipops have great taste, so we were curious to know how they made these delicious candys and which ingredients they use.

How do they make these tasty lollipops?

“The cocktail flavors are from well-known and beloved cocktails which gives a great taste, they are alcohol free because of the cooking process which steam off the alcohol”

And how do they cook it?

“The sweet part of the lollipop is heated up to 162 Celsius while the tasty part is added at 120 Celsius with different kinds of ingredients to be put in the lollipop”

Which product do you have?

“We have 2 types of product, the cocktail lollipops and dippers which is for coffee or tea if you want a great taste before you drink it!”

These tasty products can be bought at www.jolly-fox.com/shop-slikkepinde/  and see the exciting collections of lollipops and dippers.

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