The organic super drink - Coco Fuzion 100 with Philip Lindgaard

At Bite 18 we met Philip Lindgaard from the company Coco Fuzion 100 that sells organic coconut water and we were quite excited about what he had to say. 

"We only use the youngest most tender coconuts. Fuzion 100 is made from tender young coconuts, hand picked from Coconut Island on the Mekong Delta in Vietnam.

Our coconuts are picked and bottled or canned on the same day. The processing plant is only 50km away from the plantation, so our coconuts only travel down the road"

So the products are not only sustainable but also the production.

Why coconut water?

"Our coconut water is organic, not from concentrate, has no preservatives, no additives and is gluten free. Coco fuzion 100 contains only natural sugars it’s not free in calorie but is very low. The can/bottle also contains 5 different essential electrolytes which the body loses when its exercised, that’s why coco fuzion 100 ca help you balance out these electrolytes. Fuzion 100 also contains different natural vitamins especially vitamin B. So overall the health benefits from the product is Lubrication of joints and muscles, Protects the linings of eyes, nose and lungs. Mental Focus, Increase in metabolism, Proper muscle contraction, physical performance, faster hydration, nervous system function."

How many products are available?

"We have developed three different types of coconut water. We have a 1 litre carton with still coconut water and you can get it in 3 different flavors natural, raspberry and mango. Then we have the performance drink with real fruit flavoring and at last our most sold and populair drink the 250ml can with sparkling coconut water which you can get with 4 different flavours lime, mango, raspberry and natural." 

Where can i buy the drinks? 

"Right now you can buy them in Meny, some special shops and 7-eleven. We're just getting started though"

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