Copenhagen Sparkling Tea, interview by Tasteplease at Bite18 Copenhagen

We're here at this years Bite 18 exhibition in Copenhagen and we met up with the mastermind behind Copenhagen Sparkling Tea Company is Jacob Kochemba – an award-winning sommelier who can also call himself ‘the World’s best waiter’ – an impressive title he won in 2009. Jacob has spent all his life in the restaurant business. Jacobs many years of experience and his renowned taste and palette is absolutely the company’s invaluable point of difference as well as its seal of top quality.

Tea is a healthy beverage rich on vitamins and antioxidants but it doesn’t have to be a dull choice favoured by nutrition freaks – tea can be fun, too, and our Sparkling Tea will introduce a completely new product and a whole new collection of premium beverages.

With 4 different kinds of Teas and 11 different flavours in just one Tea he has had high demand and many interests throughout the day.


"Our teas are all made from a cuvee of teas which is made exactly the same
way you make a cuvee of grapes when producing sparkling wine.
We only use high quality organic teas, from the delicate white teas
 to the more intense and full-bodied black teas. We mix different
kinds of teas in each bottle to create our three
 unique flavours as have we tested hundreds of different teas
 and variations to ensure the highest quality and the most outstanding taste"

Check out his full story and kind of tea's 


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