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Introducing TastePlease – The new way to dine, meet and interact

March 22, 2017 marks the official launch of TastePlease, a Copenhagen initiative that offers food lovers across the globe a new platform for social dining and interaction. Experienced chef and former Michelin star restaurant owner Frank Lantz is the man behind the project, and he is not afraid of thinking big.

“TastePlease will revolutionize the way we dine, meet and interact,” he states. “The new social platform makes it much easier for people with a passion for food to come together – it’s basically a worldwide dining club where everybody is invited.”

Unlike other social media platforms, TastePlease’s food universe is mainly focused on sharing in-person experiences. In other words, it is all about using modern technology to socialize the old fashioned way.

Connecting people through food

From blinis to burgers, food has the power to bring us together. Today’s busy lifestyle, however, makes it hard to schedule meals with family and friends as often as we might wish. So why not try a social dinner with like minded food lovers?

The new TastePlease platform offers its users the opportunity to create, host and join culinary events anywhere, anytime. Professional chefs can find tasters to try out new menus, hospitable home cooks can fill the seats around their dining table, and hungry foodies can find their next unique meal.

Taste the world!

Thanks to the rise of Airbnb, we already travel the world living like the locals do. With the introduction of TastePlease, we can eat like – and with – the locals, too. It may finally be time to say goodbye to the infamous tourist traps and start indulging in true local flavours.

“The search for authentic food experiences was essential to me when I first got the idea for TastePlease,” says founder Frank Lantz. “I wanted to make it easy for travellers to get a real taste of local culture and find something like that little family restaurant we all look for when we go abroad.”

And the social dining adventures are by no means reserved for travellers. By engaging with the different cultures and cuisines represented in their very own neighbourhood, locals will have the chance to experience their city from an all new perspective.

About TastePlease

TastePlease is based in Copenhagen, created by local chef Frank Lantz

From day one, TastePlease is available in 190 countries and 14 languages

TastePlease can be accessed at or downloaded as an app for iOS and Android

About Frank Lantz

Frank Lantz is an award winning Danish chef and entrepreneur

He has been working passionately with food and cookery since 1994

After many years as a restaurant owner, he is now dedicated to innovation and experiences

Press Release: TastePlease to kickstart the meal sharing economy

New kid on the food block TastePlease reaches out to the global community to raise awareness about the many social benefits associated with meal sharing.

With a new crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, the team behind TastePlease invites the world to take active part in the social dining revolution. Backers of the project will not only aid the team in the continuous development of a full-blown social food universe – if they pledge US$ 8.5 or more, they will also be able donate a meal to a homeless person, stressing the social aspect of the project.

In addition to meal donations, TastePlease itself has the potential to become a powerful tool for those who wish to leave their mark on society. As such, the platform can be used for everything from empowering local communities to combating loneliness or food waste – only the users set the limits.

Make ends and people meet

Anyone, anywhere, anytime can become a host on TastePlease. This gives local farmers and families around the world a unique opportunity to supplement their income by sharing their table with food lovers from near and far.

Naturally, such opportunity brings empowerment and economic benefit to the hosts, but it is by no means a zero-sum game. The tourists and guests who are invited into local homes, are offered a taste of the authentic culture and cuisine of the country or region they are visiting, potentially gaining a new perspective on food, life, and everything in between.

“At the end of the day, it is meetings like these that may help us all gain a better understanding of each other, regardless of our social and cultural background. Despite of our differences, food is something we all have in common.”

No more empty seats around the dining table

As TastePlease is powered by its users, no event is too big or too small. While intercultural meetings between adventurous travellers and hospitable locals can be incredibly beneficial for furthering mutual understanding, smaller scale get-togethers could be just as valuable for the people attending.

For the loving grandmothers out there who rarely see their children and grandchildren, it is a chance to once again fill the seats around the table. For the modern nomads who find themselves starting over in a new city, it is a gateway to forging new friendships. And for the rest of us, it is simply a good excuse to never eat alone again!

About the campaign

The TastePlease Kickstarter campaign was initiated on March 28th 2017 and aims at collecting US$ 72.000 within a month. All funds will be directed at the continuous development and promotion of the global TastePlease platform and its potential social impact.

With a pledge of just US$ 8.5, it is possible to give a meal to a homeless person, while bigger donations can be rewarded with unique food experiences such as a private dinner or gourmet weekend.

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About TastePlease

TastePlease is a newly launched International platform for social dining and interaction that combines elements of social media with a global marketplace for food experiences – allowing food lovers across the globe to come together both online and offline.

Led by Copenhagen chef and entrepreneur Frank Lantz, the TastePlease team works towards creating a full-blown social food universe, where users can share their passion for food and exchange anything from ideas and recipes to real-life meal experiences.

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