Creative Greek Chefs!


We will set up a table full of different types of "meze" and platters of Greek food, presented in a refined and modern way!

After you sit in the dining room table, we will be making sure your questions, won't go answered! In the meantime, in front of your eyes, in our open kitchen, Alex will start preparing the menu and you can watch and learn from the process. Questions are also, more than welcome!

The menu will be accompanied by wine etiquettes from specialty Greek vineyards! Every dish can be altered to meet dietary needs and/or preferences, but I strongly advise against it! 

"Meze" Platter

Fish roe mousse / Hummus / Eggplant paste / Spiced tomato paste / Home cured sardines / 

Home cured olives / Tzatziki / Wild Greens and Spinach pie.

Tangerine Field of Chios

Mastiqua Spirit and Tangerine juice, with mint foam.

Greek Salad, with a twist

Baby tomatoes / Cucumber / Scallions / Chocolate / Feta Cheese


Aubergine / Courgette / Peppers / Mint / Trachanas

Main Course
Roast leg of Lamb

Carrots / Rosemary / Fava Beans / Radish

Yogurt Mousse

Fresh fruits / Honey / White Chocolate

You can request this event for a date, time and location of your choice when booking. See our FAQ for more help on Book a Chef

  • Event duration: 3 Hours
  • Event may be cancelled up to 2 Days before
  • greek, greek food, greek cuisine, foodie, Social dining
  • Drinks provided
  • LGBTQ friendly