Private dinner

  • DKK 500
    per person
  • Marianne Mussi
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 Private Catering with Private Chef in your house/ location 


Arabic Night Menu :

Mezze/ Starter

(Tomato, parsley, cous cous and lemon dressing)

Beetroot Hummus
(Beetroot, Chick peas, garlic)

Tahini Hummus
(Tahini, Chick peas, garlic and lemon)

Baba Ghanoush
(eggplant “pure”)

(Roast pepper/walnut spread)

Served with Fresh made Zaatar bread


Chicken Biryani
(golf/Pakistani dish, Chicken slowcooked with spiced Rice)

Lamb Kofta with pommgrate sauce
(lamb, garlic, mint and parlsy)

Shish Tawook Beef
(lemon yoghurt marinate beef shewer)

Served with:

Green sauce with Garlic
Tahini/ lemon sauce
Fatouch Salad
(green salad, tomato, cucumber and crispy bread)


Um Ali
(Egyptian bread pudding, Baked with raisins and cinnamon)

Chocolate stuffed Saudi dates

(crispy philo layered dessert with Nut and Cardemon)

Shisha.. I will bring the pipes and  tobacco

Fresh Mint

Double Apple

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You can request this event for a date, time and location of your choice when booking. See our FAQ for more help on Book a Chef

  • Event duration: 3 Hours
  • Event may be cancelled up to 2 Days before
  • Drinks provided