Redefining Greek Food Culture - Summer Season


My name is Alex, professional chef and pastry chef, trained in avant garde, Michelin star, restaurants and 5 star hotels and my passion for food led me here. Accompanied by Ilia and Hope, we offer an unforgettable dinner, serving traditional Greek cuisine, in a modern, gourmet and exciting way! We are foodies and very passionate with Greek ingredients and we want to be able to show every guest what is so special about it! Join us and find out the real Greek cuisine! Don’t miss it!

(Not so) Greek Salad

Baby tomatoes / Cucumber / Scallions / Chocolate / Feta Cheese

First Course

Aubergine / Courgette / Peppers / Mint / Trachanas

Main Course
"Kleftiko" Lamb

Carrots / Rosemary / Fava Beans / Radish

“Bougatsa” pillow

Puffed Fillo Pastry / Semolina Cream / Cinammon

You can request this event for a date and time of your choice when booking. See our FAQ for more help on Event By Request

  • Event duration: 3 Hours
  • Event may be cancelled up to 2 Days before
  • Drinks provided
  • Φθιώτιδος Αθήνα Ελλάδα
  • Non smoking
  • Event accessable with wheelchair
  • No pets allowed
  • LGBTQ friendly