Pilot cooking event


Welcome. As a person that has keen interest in getting new experience everyday I would like to invite you to my humble home where I can serve you delicious food for a very modest price. Since this is a pilot event, I am checking whether there is interest for this kind of events. The menu you will be served is modest, yet delicious and you can enjoy a nice dinner in a very cozy atmosphere. If you would like to try something new, meet someone with similar interest and have an evening out without having to go to a restaurant and paying enormous amount of money, this will be something for you. I guarantee nice music, delicious food and a neat environment. Please note that since this is pilot event, you will be served a starter and hot main dish with complimentary tea, juice or water. You can bring your own choice of beverage or write me upon the reservation and I can arrange beer or cocktails depending on your preference. Since this is pilot event there will be only one choice of menu. More will be added if this is successful. The time is flexible, so just let me know upon reservation. We have seats for a group of four people and event will take place if minimum 2 seats are taken. As the pilot event it will be exclusive for the two people who book first.

Turkey baked in an oven with orange and ginger sauce

The main course will be turkey (200-250 g per portion) in a delicious orange sauce. It is a bit spicy because of the ginger and curry but the taste is not too dominant. It's my signature dish and I am eager to share it with you. It will be served with a side of millet and asparagus. Since this is a pilot event no pictures are (yet) available. 

This event has already taken place
  • May 27th, 16:30 - 10:08
  • Drinks provided
  • Aarhus C, 8000 Aarhus, Denmark
  • Non smoking
  • No wheelchair access
  • No pets allowed