Alternative Sunday Brunch


Brunch is supposed to either "nurse you back to health" from an extravagant Saturday night or make you feel comfortable and full. Either way, we will have you covered by serving 3 dishes and a selection of refreshments so you can enjoy your Sunday in sunny Athens, with a company of relaxed and joyfull friends!

Tamagoyaki style Omelette

with cured pork, baked tomatoes and herbs on the side.

Mac' & Cheese

with Cretan gruyere, fresh oregano and paprika.

Fried Chicken between Doughnut buns

with a drizzle of smoked honey!

A Selection of

Orange Juice, Coffee and Milkshakes.

This event has already taken place
  • Mar 25th, 12:00 - 17:00
  • Drinks provided
  • Φθιώτιδος Αθήνα Ελλάδα
  • Non smoking
  • Event accessable with wheelchair
  • No pets allowed