Modern Greek Taste


I am a professional chef, trained in avant garde restaurants and host events, to meet people and present them with traditional Greek food with my friend, Ilia. Serving a menu based on greek traditional and seasonal ingredients, in a modern industrial setting, near hip neighborhood.The menu will be accompanied by  wine etiquettes from specialty Greek vineyards! Every dish can be altered to meet dietary needs and/or preferences, but I strongly advise against it! 

Greek Cheesecake

Beetroots / ”Geremezi” cheese / Walnuts


Carrot / Cabbage / Olive Oil

Main Course
Option 1: Pork

Leeks / Coriander / Fennel

Option 2: Octopus (Upon request only)


Handmade Macaroni / Tomatoes / “Lefkadian” Salami

“Bougatsa” pillow


Puffed Fillo / Semolina Cream / Cinammon

This event has already taken place
  • Feb 27th, 19:00 - 22:00
  • Drinks provided
  • Φθιώτιδος Αθήνα Ελλάδα
  • Non smoking
  • Event accessable with wheelchair
  • No pets allowed