Our Story

Born out of Copenhagen, Denmark, TastePlease draws on the culinary creativity of the city known for its trendy food scene and New Nordic cuisine.

With a vision to revolutionize the way we dine, meet and interact, we take social dining to the next level and open the door to a truly global food universe – available to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Inspired by founder Frank Lantz’s search for authentic flavours and experiences, TastePlease is all about using modern technology to get back to basics. From New York to New Delhi, we make it easy for food lovers of all kinds to come together and socialize the old fashioned way - around the kitchen table.

“The idea behind TastePlease is really quite simple – we want to bring people together through a shared passion for food.”

– Frank Lantz, Founder

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Our Founder

Frank Lantz is a Danish chef and entrepreneur with a strong passion for food. For many years, he lived out this passion at the forefront of the Copenhagen restaurant scene, running several successful establishments. Through the creation of TastePlease, he now shares his passion with the entire world, encouraging everyone to indulge in new flavours and unique social dining experiences.

“I created TastePlease to peel away some of the constraints and limitations associated with a traditional restaurant. I wanted to get back to the pure experience of cooking and sharing great food – something I think we can all relate to.”

– Frank Lantz, Founder